VISIONAIR-09 (october!) Dominique Petitgand


Reaching edition number 9, the visionair project will take place two months earlier than last year, in order to span throughout the period of October, an intermediate month, of passage and change, the first month of Autumn - in which a little of the warmth and the light of Summer still reverberates and the impending Winter announces its presence – a month where it is still possible to live outdoors, when the Summer heat and the Winter cold are far away, for they are past or still to come. Therefore, a good deal of the scheduled events will take place outside, on the terrace of blank, and then further away, on the roundabout between corso Palermo and corso Verona, where the tram of Diogene will host Nico Dockx, the Belgian artist selected for the 2009 edition of bivaccourbano (urban bivouac), with his collaborators and friends coming from Antwerp, and still further away, through the streets, the avenues and the Borgo Aurora riverside, following the subtle and insinuating directions of Nemico Interno (“Enemy Within”), picked up and broadcast by canecapovolto, a collective from Catania. Canecapovolto will be holding in mid-October, at the Museo Nazionale del Cinema (the National Museum of Cinema), an extensive solo exhibition dedicated to their now almost twenty-year-long work, ranging from videos to super 8.
Thus, it will be the edition of crossovers, of the opening of e/static to the collaboration with other realities, urban and not, defying convention and expectations, towards the foreign, the unknown and the unexpected, outside, on the street. And the programme, that consists of three main events, on the 8th ("Diogene_bivaccourbano presents Nico Dockx", a meeting at blank with Nico Dockx and his collaborators), on the 15th (“Nemico Interno / Enemy Within” in the afternoon and, in the evening, the broadcast of a choice selection of 'acoustic films' by canecapovolto) and on the 29th (Dominique Petitgand meets the audience to present his freshly published retrospective catalogue and to suggest listening to some extracts of his opera omnia) leaves room for possibility, hinting at other events, still to be imagined, that could stem from those already arranged, coming from the street or returning to it, creating a fluid zone where walls can be crossed and the boundaries between inside and outside become uncertain.

Thursday 8th October 2009, from 6.30 pm, "Diogene_bivaccourbano presents Nico Dockx", meeting with the Belgian artist (and his collaborators Pol Matthè, Helena Sidiropoulos and Jochem Vanden Ecker) selected by Progetto Diogene for the 2009 edition of the bivaccourbano artist-in-residence programme, that reached its third edition this year.

Thursday 15th October 2009, the outdoor happening “Nemico Interno / Enemy Within” by canecapovolto: two crews of 15 people will leave, the first at 4.30 pm and the second at 6 pm, from the premises of blank to set off on an unpredictable path inside Borgo Aurora. The collective from Catania will subsequently present, starting from 8.30 pm, at blank again, a choice selection of 'acoustic films' shot between 1997 and 2005.

Thursday 29th October 2009, at 6.30 pm, meeting/conference by and with Dominique Petitgand. The French artist will be at blank to present his freshly published catalogue, “Installations (documents)”, and will subsequently hold a conference, moderated by Simone Menegoi, during which he will suggest listening to some of the most significant instances of his work, with a commentary given by Petitgand himself.

a collaboration by e/static with: Progetto Diogene; Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino / the National Museum of Cinema of Turin; Galleria Gianluca Collica, Catania; gb agency, Paris (and with the contribution of the Piedmont Region).

Dominique Petitgand
29 10 09
blank, via Reggio 27, Torino
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Carlo Fossati for e/static
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Regione Piemonte
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