(senza fine / endless) - with Giovanni Anselmo, Terry Fox, Rolf Julius

It has gone from being an artist's studio to an exhibition space, or rather a place for 'happenings' (exhibition projects, performances of various kinds, concerts, and other events), to once again being an art studio, then again a place for events and reflection, and finally, just a storage space, becoming more and more empty, and the signs left by all these occurrences are evident. Above all, the space at via Parma 31 is a luminous place for the soul: lofty and elusive, always changing during the seasons and at every hour of the day.
It has had a long and intense life since I first rented it and made it livable (it was completely empty when I rented it, even lacking electricity and water, as well as a bathroom and a telephone line), and all in all, several decades have gone by very quickly.
Its history as the venue for e/static is just short of 20 years, and like all stories, beautiful or ugly, it too is now coming to an end. As one chapter closes, another one will certainly open: it is already opening, and it is ending above all in order to leave space and energy for whatever is about to begin. It is an endless story.
I will be leaving the space on June 30th  and thus will leave it to its fate. I do not know what will happen there in the future, but do I know it will be without me and without e/static. So many things have happened there in all these years, so many people have worked there, struggling and dreaming. Now, as of July 1, 2018, it will remain only as a memory for all of us.
On June 21st, starting in the afternoon until the sun goes down - very late, because it will be the day of the summer solstice - the space at via Parma 31, inside the courtyard, on the 1st floor of the building, will be open to all those who want to come for a visit. I will be there, perhaps some friends, and of course, the works by Giovanni, Rolf, and Terry, even though it may be difficult to identify them at first sight. They are very discreet, like their authors, and they will be just fine there.

Carlo Fossati, June 2018

see also HERE for an insight

Giovanni Anselmo
Terry Fox
Rolf Julius
21 6 18
e/static, via Parma 31, Torino
Realization curated by: 
Carlo Fossati for e/static
Thursday June 21, 2018, at 6 pm
Opening days and times: 
only on the opening day, from 6 pm to 9 pm; or by appointment

+39 011235140 estatic.it