Andrighetto, Cabiati, Parisi, Piscitelli, Zuffi: Inediti

This group exhibition presents brand new works, just realized by the featured artists, together with previously known works which have been reconsidered and displayed here in a totally new arrangement. Therefore the artists are able to promptly verify their works in the context of an exhibition, while the public is allowed a chance to establish a contact with them while still very fresh, catching their authors ‘in the act’.
Italo Zuffi starts his collaboration with e/static presenting an installation that relates a four-parts photographic sequence, still unreleased, with a piece from his 1999 Profilati series: a new and surprising break in his constantly evolving research. Zuffi has been quite active in the last few years, and he was recently awarded  the Mercedes-Benz ’99 prize “for young contemporary art”.
Paolo Piscitelli, though still quite young, is already able to convey his own lucid, as well as personal, vision of what making art is. On this occasion he is introducing his forthcoming solo exhibition for e/static with a new sculpture, which he realized working on Brancusian questions he meditated upon at length,.
In the case of Paolo Parisi, his piece Intorno [Around], which was displayed here in the context of a previous exhibition, will be set up placing its six elements along a totally different development line, that is, in a stretched and dynamic way, instead of a cohesive and static one (as it was then).
Vincenzo Cabiati will present two offset prints for the first time ever (his debut in the genre), as well as a series of four pencil drawings, made after private photographs of Gerhard Richter, which he created expressly for the issue number 6 of IPSO FACTO review (of forthcoming release).
Aurelio Andrighetto is presenting an installation he worked at between the end of 1999 and last January, a vanitas that is also retaining in its thick weft some thematic threads connected to a certain idea of Turin, although a rather implied and fleeting one.

During the opening, on Wednesday March 8, at 6 pm, Maria Teresa Roberto will present the issue number 6 of the contemporary art review IPSO FACTO.
Its director, Elio Grazioli, as well as the artists featured in the exhibition, will participate.

Aurelio Andrighetto
Vincenzo Cabiati
Paolo Parisi
Paolo Piscitelli
Italo Zuffi
15 2 00 - 17 3 00
e/static, via Parma 31, Torino
Realization curated by: 
Carlo Fossati for e/static